Drugs and Alcohol

Having been a flower baby of the sixties and seventies, maximum drugs were experimented with by me over time, including alcohol. Yes, alcohol is a drug. In truth, it’s been stated to be the maximum risky healthhumans tips of all due to the fact it’s far legal, glamorized with the aid of the media and very effortlessly attained. The closing statistic said through the authorities warned that there have been ninety three,000,000 alcoholics in the Untied States by myself.

Having been a taxi driving force who worked nights and weekends, humans might regularly say to me, “I simply drink, I don’t do tablets.” This assertion soon have become a puppy peeve of mine. My response quickly comes as, “Alcohol is a drug!” This could now and again bring a sobering look upon some considerate faces. Some might be quite angered with the aid of my statement and need to argue with me approximately it.

Drinkers are in denial and I’ll by no means tire of announcing that alcohol is a drug! This need to never be posted anywhere: ‘Drugs and Alcohol’. People! Alcohol is a drug! And if you drink alcohol… You ARE a drug consumer! Drinkers regularly don’t forget themselves above than the average drug person because of the ignorant ideology of alcohol not being a drug. Not true, in case you drink alcohol you’re a drug user! In reality, you’re a drug consumer of one of the maximum risky pills in our records.

Here are many motives why alcohol is the most risky drug there’s. The romantic illusion that society has portrayed of alcohol has made it doubly dangerous. It is mainly dangerous to our children who may also rationalize as many adults do–that consuming alcohol is okay as it is largely not taken into consideration a drug at all. Wrong! Are you coaching your child this dangerous false impression? It can also in the future kill them or someone else or each.

Children are regularly allowed to drink an addictive drug known as alcohol which might also thoroughly ruin their complete lives. We are condoning drug utilization via alcohol just because it can be legally sold and glamorized via advertisements and society. However, we’re only fooling ourselves. This is a very dangerous false impression for plenty folks. This chronic self-disillusionment and egotistical perception that alcohol isn’t always a drug burns my buns for lots motives.

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