Mastering Consistent Teching in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Understanding Teching

What is Teching?

Teching is the act of executing a move to recover quickly after being hit, thrown, or knocked into the ground. It prevents your character from experiencing a prolonged vulnerable state and gives you the opportunity to counter-attack or regain stage control.

The Importance of Consistency

Consistency in teching is crucial, especially in high-stakes situations. Successful techs can mean the difference between surviving a powerful attack and getting knocked out of the stage. To master consistent teching, you need to develop muscle memory, sharpen your reflexes, and understand your character’s animations.

Teching Techniques

1. Recognizing the Hitstun Animation

Pay close attention to your character’s animation when hit. The hitstun animation indicates when you can execute a tech. It’s a brief window, so identifying it quickly is essential for consistent teching.

2. Practice in Training Mode

Utilize Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Training Mode to practice teching in controlled scenarios. Set the CPU to perform specific moves that lead to knockdowns and focus on consistently teching those situations.

3. Vary Your Tech Options

Incorporate a mix of tech options into your gameplay. This includes teching in place, left or right, and even missing a tech intentionally. Varying your options makes it harder for opponents to predict your movements and punishes.

4. Observe Opponent Habits

Pay attention to your opponent’s habits and patterns. Some players may favor specific follow-up options after a knockdown. By recognizing these habits, you can predict their actions and tech accordingly.

5. Train Reflexes with Reaction Games

Engage in reaction-based games or drills to improve your reflexes. Quick and precise reactions are key to consistent teching, especially in fast-paced matches.

Advanced Teching Strategies

1. Teching Off Walls and Platforms

Incorporate wall and platform techs into your repertoire. When launched into a wall or platform, executing a tech can provide additional recovery options and catch opponents off guard.

2. Mix in Aerial Techs

Aerial techs, also known as “air dodging techs,” involve using an air dodge immediately after being hit in mid-air. Mastering this advanced technique adds an extra layer to your defensive options and can be especially effective against opponents trying to juggle you.

3. Predictive Teching

Anticipate your opponent’s moves and tech in anticipation of their follow-up attacks. Predictive teching requires a deep understanding of your opponent’s character and playstyle, allowing you to stay one step ahead.

Consistency Tips

1. Maintain a Calm Mindset

Teching under pressure requires a calm and focused mindset. Practice mindfulness and avoid panicking when faced with intense situations. A composed mindset enhances your ability to consistently execute techs.

2. Learn from Mistakes

Review your match replays, especially situations where you miss a tech. Identify patterns in your opponent’s attacks and learn from your mistakes. Recognizing areas for improvement is crucial for consistent teching.

3. Drill Specific Scenarios

Isolate specific scenarios in Training Mode and drill them repeatedly. Whether it’s teching off a platform, avoiding stage spikes, or teching against projectiles, targeted practice hones your consistency in specific situations.


Consistent teching in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a skill that requires practice, awareness, and adaptability. By mastering the basics, incorporating advanced techniques, and staying consistent in your training, you’ll enhance your ability to tech under various circumstances. So, step into the arena, stay vigilant, and become a teching maestro in the world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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