Fortune High Tech Marketing – Is it a Scam?

Fortune High Tech Marketing isn’t always what it appears. When they say it isn’t a pyramid, they may be not being absolutely in advance, nor are they outright lying. FHTM may additionally be a cash machine, as is represented, however it’s far very tough to get to the extent required with the intention to make any real money. FHTM has a minimum purchase in rate, at only a few hundred bucks. While some make that initial price returned inside days, others in no way see it again. There are severa reasons for this sort of various final results.

First, in case you are in Canada, you can as nicely forget it. There are constrained FHTM merchandise to be had in Canada and the ones which are to be had have ridiculous monthly expenses attached. Also, the goods which can be available in Canada, whilst without a doubt amazing products, have substantial shipping costs attached, making the reasonably priced product, now overpriced.

Second, the range of conferences that one ought to attend and convey their pals and circle of relatives to are on the ridiculous side. There are the Saturday education conferences that take up most of the day, the weekly or bi-weekly meetings that one is suppose to take buddies to which will entice them to sign on, and finally, the week lengthy schooling seminars (for the simply inspired ones). Now, who desires to go to paintings all day just to sit down in a meeting with 4 or five of their associates and buddies? It is very difficult to entice human beings to visit these meetings while they’re without a doubt no longer that fascinated.

Now, if they look at the fee plan, they will be a piece extra interested, however getting them to come out to the meetings to simply see that charge plan is tedious and irritating. As a consultant of FHTM, it’s far hard to get people interested and also you need them to sign up in order which will make any money.

With this said, FHTM has amazing capacity. That is if one enjoys long conferences, being attentive to overrated millionaires go on and on about how a whole lot money they make, and stay inside the USA. Even the huge coins cows spend a big portion of their time traveling, being far from own family and buddies, and dashing via existence simply to get as many people as feasible on their ‘crew’.

Personally, I would tons as an alternative prevent the rush of life, loosen up in my home and spend time with own family and buddies. Is there a manner to earn a amazing residing at the same time as relaxing at domestic? You bet!! Where there may be a will, there’s a way – a fantastic, simple, and amusing manner!

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